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When to try to apply for a mortgage

Hi All,


I am trying to find out a few things of when to trying to apply for a mortgage.  I have fico of 633 currently, keeping my one and only CC to under 10% of the available credit.


Continuously watch my score with score watch and also joined freecreditreport for all three scores and reports and compare to myfico kit.


Have gone through and disputed EVERYTHING negative on all 3 reports, some things have been removed, found an Chase CC that wasn't mine as well as a bull$&!% ATT collection entry which was removed on all three. 


Starting Credit score in Sept 525 current score in Oct 633, pretty happy with seeing results, but wanting a house so bad!!!!  What else can I do to raise it as quickly as possible?  Is the FHA minimum score really 620 still? 


I am looking for approval in Feb/March time frame so I do have a few more months to keep the CC balance to under 10% of limit, and keep paying my car and student loans on time.  Other than timely payments, CC limit low that is all I can think of doing.