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Please help Me please!!

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experian ?

....I told you guys about me and my spouse going in on a home together about a year ago. Now my situation has changed dramatically. I'm in going thru a separation and  went back to work full time at my previous employer now since April. I gross about $4500.00 a mth. (and my scores are still increasing since last post I believe my transunion was a 689). But. I was not working for two years prior to this year because I was told to stay at home and be a mom and maintain preparing us for the home. So I began to work on my side goals which were to open up a clothes line. While J. Worked and took care of us. I did however maintain my credit cards and have money from savings so we were okay. As I sat on my throne cooking cleaning and caring for the home, bills, school etc and managing both of our credit ratings. The car loan which was for my spouse that I got stuck with which I have in solely my name which is a lease @$389 a month and Insurance at $112 month. Will be up in September of 2011.

  • One collection IM still fighting that has not come off. (and they know IM not responsible for!! 142.00 for an electric bill I paid to NCO fin. Alliance One is giving me the runaround saying I owed them..i submitted a letter to them stating i paid NCO fin. years ago and they said they'd remove it and still havent. So i dont wanna pay it again..i want it removed!
  • carnote: 389.00 never missed a payment and no lates Balance owed $3800.00
  • I have a popular bank credit card with a limit of $3500.00 PAID never missed a payment.
  • bank of america credit card PAID no lates
  • a little more than a year ago I discontinued my sprint service they charged me a termination fee of approx, 200.00 and sent it to collections. i got an     alert via that i had a collections from them. they didnt even send me a bill but reported to the bereaus!!
  • capital one $2500.00 limit i was an authorized user and as of this year Im removed. great thing is that was PAID and no balance and no lates ever.
  • and a tax lien from 2 years fixing that too. bc they said I owed money and they turned aroound and sent me my check back...LIKE WTF!!

so im like remove the lien since it was your error that said i owed you and once they realized i didnt they need to remove that off my credit reports.


I have been smart up to this point where i have guided my Significant Other into the right direction of money/credit management and managed to dispute over $ 40,000 in debt. and helped pay and clear $12,000 student loans. I've lost sleep up late at night faxing and crying over things that my SO wanted but because of their credit issues we didnt have...

WE have 2 new cars a Honda Lease and a Nissan maxima purchase. with 0% interest. 3 laptops in one home. a brand new motorcycle paid in full cash..58 in. TV shopping everyday just to make me feel good bc the overtime we dont spend enough time together.

we didnt need anything! I just wanted my SO to feel as if whatever we wanted we could have.

I have taken this person from a 434 score from the first day me met when J came to me asking for a loan of $30.000!! with ONLY 27 inquiries and 19 open accounts all delinquents and no pays because they didnt know the value of a score.never taught how to live as an adult.

living at home with mommy and not even paying a bill there. with an income at the time @$53,000. with a car loan of $700.00. and insurance at $500.00 plus.

it was like this person was sent out of a movie and i was suppose to do all i did. I did it because i wanted to. I did it because i cared. I did it because i thought we were growing together. i dont regret But Im just saying. I have learned to continue to build for myself as i was taught to. If i wouldve put all i put into J into Me i would be closing on a home.

Now last month With this good credit and money from the pension my EX SO just closed on a home!! i had no say about anything i wasnt even in the know of J shopping!

A $379,000 home at that.with an int. rate of 4.7 A single fam home that sold for 199,000 the month prior and the year before that for less. I did some homework.

Im am renting a space at my familys' house which i have never been subjected to because i was never in a situation like this.

but while I find closure I need to prepare myself for the world I left to become a dummy.and realize that that SOB knew exactly what they were doing. using me to make better.



im a single mom 1 child

a job of 8 months with annual income showing approx. 29,000.00

I have a savings of 13,000.00. not including my sons savings of 3,000.00

and other monies in bank accounts averaging 1500.00 in each.

i will be filing my income taxes this year, (i was told not to last year by my spouse who claimed the child and kept all monies)

and you know whats on my credit reports just those 7 items.



IF I FIND A HOME FOR JUST UNDER 200,000 (where i live you dont get much for that)

and i can afford a mortgage payment of about 1500.00 MAX with taxes and ins.

my car loan is going to be paid off in september. so i wont have that expense.

I want to buy a home right after i file my taxes so that i could show income..

Am i on my way to getting out of my dilemma and buying a home here to live versus renting?

or should I pack up my son and home belongings and move to a state where the homes are cheaper? Dont answer thatSmiley Happy


hopefully a FHA loan with 3.5% down. is it possible to buy now? or do i need to wait to prove income? i need help ASAP


thanks.....all comments are welcomed..

I dont offend easy.

Thanks guys,