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Mortgage for L1 visa holder

Hi, I am an L1 visa holder from the UK. looking to buy a house with a mortgage.


I have a very well paid job with a credible company, a totally clean UK credit history, a SS#, 2 US credit cards (HSBC and AMEX) and a wife who holds a US passport. Just about every lender I call needs 20-30% down and a 640 credit score. The problem I'm facing is I have just 10% to put down and I'm not showing on any credit report.


So any advice? The 10% down I have a feeling could be ok, I just need to find the right lender? However the lack of score is weird. Why am I not showing up on credit checks? I've had the HSBC card since early January, have made 3 payments on time, and have had the Amex card just under a month, with one payment due soon.


Would love some help from anyone who has experience of this area.