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Re: Mortgage for L1 visa holder

FHA mortgages are fine with an L1 Visa - 3.5% down and you are good (assuming the loan amount is within FHA loan limits).


Also provided you:


  1. Have a valid SSN and
  2. Occupy the property as a principal residence and
  3. Are eligible to work in the U.S. – Copy of Employment Authorization Document  (EAD) issued by the Department of Homeland Security required.  There must be at least one remaining year of authorization to work unless the borrower has history of renewal (only borrowers having refugee or asylee status granted by the USCIS are automatically eligible tor work in the United States.  Therefore, refugee or asylee borrowers are not required to provide an EAD).
Not many lenders do non-permanent resident aliens however, so that is key.