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Trying to get pre-approved
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HI, reading your mortgage process, would seem like we should be able to get a pre-approval right now... But that's not the case with my family...


We have spoken with 3 mortgage lenders, and they all give us the same story... "We see that you make more than enough, but your mid score needs to be at least 630, Mine is at that mark, but my spouse isn't just yet. However, now that my score is at the midmark, they state that I have other issues, which were late payments that occurred in the past (7 months ago) they stated that, well one stated that the late payments has to be a year old.


The other, basically stated that I need to pay off all my revolving credit, due to debt to income ratio, if I was to try and get a home loan on my own.


Really don't know what to do now, except just wait for both of our score go up and see what happens.