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Re: Score dropped 20 points while in Underwriting

Hey everyone,


My file is in underwriting as well and I am worried and stressed lol. Just wondering what are typical things underwriting ask for meaning conditions? I already gave 2 months of bank statements, w2s, schooling letter to show school balance, reason for job lapse, and also a reason why collections in the past meaning 2005. I still have one from 2005 that is 1100 will they let that go? The reason I did not pay it was because the collection would not accept pymnt supposably my file was in "que" and they cant take pymnts this debt was created in 2005. Now since then I have 13 accounts in good standing and my debt to ratio is only 21% the house I am applying for has 26,000 in equity meaning I am paying 80,000 and its worth 106  which i hope this helps.  Smiley Very Happy I have never been late on rent Smiley Happy I am just nervous!!!