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Disputes removed Issues
Hello board, I have a few concerns and issues that just occurred today that are stressing me out. I got a pre approval and my LO told me everything was good to go to look for a home and go into a contract. I got a contract going and everything goes well and smooth. We get a few conditions from my underwriter and I meet my side of the terms. Well one of the terms my LO and her LP were given was to remove 1 dispute account I had on my CR. It couldn't say indispute, well their credit people got to work and today my credit alerts go off and notify me of changes. Equifax drops from a 671 to 615. Trans drops from 641 to 575. Only thing that changed was a comment that said in dispute. I talked to my LP and LO and they told me they haven't heard from their credit person and till than we can't jump over our heads. I'm stressing because my closing date is Friday. I don't know why my scores would drop so far down. The issue is a 5000 dollar collection that mcm is claiming I owe but I have no clue on the mAtter. It is a collection they just bought in feb from bank of America and I never banked with them. They have all my info thou. I see this as a issue going back to UW. This is a Fannie Mae purchase too and I read some of comments about FHA and Fannie Mae. Is this workable still or am I going to lose my investment?