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Re: Disputes removed Issues

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), portions of an OC account under dispute will not be scored by FICO. Among these are the balance, the CL, and the payment history. Other items like AAoA, scoring bucket, mix of credit, acct age, etc. including CAs and PRs, are not removed or impacted by a dispute.


Are you sure MCM was the only TL you asked the CRAs to remove the dispute on? Were there others? Did anything change at all on your reports? Looking at your FICO report, does utilization appear in the pos/neg reasons? Does your math add up per util (very important!)?


Turning to FICO scores...are you sure your lender is pulling Beacon 5.0 which is the same EQ FICO as found on here? And are you sure they are pulling TU98, which is the same TU FICO as found on here?


Are you getting your scores from the same source as your credit alerts?


I'll explain further, but without wasting white space on this page, I'm working 3 theories (Booner hit on one) which coincide with the sets of questions. Answer them and I'll elaborate and throw in a way to get MCM off safely and quickly.