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Re: Disputes removed Issues

To answer you all.


MCM began to claim on my report on Feb/2011. Stating they were collecting for BoA, stating that i ower like 4.5k to them. I dont know anything about the account. Somehow they got all my information(Social,Address,Phone). Nonetheless. Anyhow.... When they first pulled my credit, a company called ONE SOURCE CREDIT did a pull and they told me i had a middle score of 645 or something and i was in good shape. I need to get clear to close from UW, but one of the conditions was to remove the disputes and rerun my credit to make sure they were gone and run me through the system again and thats all. 


I got these alerts yesterday regarding changes. All 3 bureaus removed the comment or dispute, This is what it used to state on experian:

Status: CLOSED

Payment Status: No Status

Balance: -

Comments: Account in dispute-reported by subscriber.


Now it says:

Potentially Negative Closed

Payment StatusSmiley Frustratederiously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department

Balance: 5094

Comments: - 

Status: CLOSED

Equifax: Reads Negative

Comments: Collection Account
Balance: 5094



Only changes made were the comments. it no longer shows the: Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements as it did before. It also read the balance with them and that stayed the same.



Those are the only changes made on my reports. I'm getting my soft pulls from ;, I know that TU/FREECREDIT are Vantage/Plus Scores and those arent accurate compared to the hard pulls. But i know everytime they have pulled a hard pull, Equifax always has been accurate as what i have. 


My LO/LP have told me they were waiting for their Credit Departs to do the final pull and that they didnt have it yet and we couldnt jump ahead of ourselves. I noticed this morning this pull was made last night. So they should have answers for me today. They use a company called INTERLINCMORT/ONESOURCECO. I'm worried because i know Fannie Mae requires a final pull and i believe scores must be same as first pull. Not sure if this is true or not.