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Props going out to PNC Mortgage

WOW. Can't believe how fast and easy my refinance has gone. I close on june 8th.


i highly recommend them!

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Re: Props going out to PNC Mortgage

jdxprs1 .... I hope you are still around ... I am still working on getting a 620 on my Middle Fico score.   Did PNC use fico or other ... I am really desperate to refinance.   I have only $100 debt right now and 4 years of perfect pay on current mortgage ...


Your response )or anyone who has worked with PNC mortgage) would be appreciated.

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Re: Props going out to PNC Mortgage

I think OP is still around....IIRC, they used a totally different FICO version in relation to what others use (FICO08?). I can't remember. It wasn't TU. Maybe EQ? Seems like OP has a post on that here somewhere.