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Re: Disputes removed Issues

LO told me that the conditions were to remove that Dispute comment and for them to Rerun my Credit so it would be removed. I assume they did a Rapid Rescore because they got that done in 2-3 days. With my new scores, i dont not pass the AUS which i assume iis the Automated Underwriter System? THat was the requirement. She said i dont have many options because Manuel underwriting would be worse because i do not have many Active Tradelines. At this point i could extend my contract and hope my scores go back to normal. Only reason it may go up is because EQ told me sometimes this happens with Rapid Rescores. They need to rescore it correct by Verifying but they didnt give me a 100% grantee. 


So all i can do is, Extend contract. Try to fix my credit this way. Maybe Settle with Them and get the points back BUT we are running a credit smiulator before we do that. OR last have my mother be a co borrower. 


What else can i do ?