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Re: USDA Direct and In ground swimming pools

iamwhoiam wrote:

The rules exclude in ground pools. There is a property I am looking at that has a pool in the very back of the yard that is fenced in and covered and has not been used for years. I have absolutely no intention of repairing it for use.


The house is perfect for us. It is outdated but there is plenty of space and the house is sound. The issue is the pool.


The rules state that removing before or after closing is unacceptable. Is there a way around this? Filling it in? Can an exception be made?


There are slim pickings in my area for homes so unless something new pops up in the next 2 months, I am SOL.

So you are saying that even if you fill the pool in with is still considered a pool ?   And USDA won't finance any property with a pool, right ?

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