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Re: USDA Direct and In ground swimming pools

IOBA wrote:

1.  Does the listing say it has a pool?  If yes, have the seller change that IMMEDIATELY and print out a new MLS listing without the pool mentioned.


2.   Fill in the pool and landscape over it.   How will the lender know if there was a pool?  Probably can't tell unless they know the history of the house or look at the MLS listing.


3.   The appraiser won't see a pool, so it won't be mentioned in his report.


4.  The inspector wont' see a pool, so it wont' be mentioned in his report.


5.   Tell the sellers NOT to mention that there USE TO BE a pool.


6.  Tell the realtors NOT To mention that there USE TO BE a pool.


I hope all of the above works for you.

****Don't do this.   It is considered loan fraud.  There are other sources of information to determine if there was a pool previously; for example, an inground pool is on your property tax records.


Why don't you check to see if you can get a waiver for the pool issue? It's always best to go in with accurate info...don't get yourself caught up in fraud.