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Re: USDA Direct and In ground swimming pools
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iamwhoiam wrote:



The rules state that removing before or after closing is unacceptable. Is there a way around this? Filling it in? Can an exception be made?



When we bought our house, the seller (an investor group composed of REALTORS. eesh.) tried to push us into an USDA loan. No idea why, we were going FHA. But anyway, our realtor cut them off and said the property has an in-ground pool. Not happening. Makes me wonder how they didn't know this, and it makes me a little scared for people who hire them. But that's OT. Smiley Happy


You say the rules state before or after closing. Which makes me think that a pool can't be filled while under contract to satisfy closing/loan reqs. It makes no sense to me that you couldn't buy a house that EVER had a pool. That would be sort of, well, nuts. But then again...the process is nutty as a whole. Anyway, if the pool could be filled by the owners while not under contract, and then sell it...? 


I'm not sure how you'd get them to agree, but. If it's unusable, it's only going to be a detriment to their selling it anyway, not to mention unnecessary home ins expense. Are you working w a broker? I'd ask for clarification from them?


And good luck. We have to fill-in ours this spring. I wish it was already done. Smiley Sad