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Re: Any tips for removing dispute remarks with Equifax?

Update here.  After a few hours I was able to get the removal process rolling.  I called Equifax and Transunion and was just able to ask them directly about any disputes, or the word dispute showing up.  This was without actually pulling a report.  Equifax was first and they said yes there was an account disputed.  I asked them to remove it, they said no you need to contact the CA.  I called the CA asked them to pull up account.  They did and said yes it's in dispute. I told them I'm no longer disputing it and to please mail and fax me a form saying it's no longer disputed.  And to please electronically notify the CRA's of the fact I'm not disputing it.  They had no problem and are supposed to be mailing, faxing, and notifying.  I called Transunion next, they said they needed the letter so once I get it I'll send it to them and supposedly in five day after receiving it they will remove the notation.  Experian was a tad tougher.  To even get someone on the line I needed to pull a report, so I paid the eleven dollars for the report on their site and got a report number.  I called Experian back, entered my report number and was able to get someone on the phone.  They actually just on my statement were able to remove the notation.  They claim in 72 hours I'll get an email saying the notation removal is complete.  Perhaps I did not even need to contact the CRA's directly but I did anyways.  Perhaps the CA will notify them and it will be removed that way.  Either way I'm well on my way to getting this potential hurdle removed in my mortgage process.  I haven't gone to a LO yet but plan to in the next two weeks.  I just hope there are no other obstacles to remove before getting my FHA loan.  I also hope I did not hurt my score by getting these notations removed but it was a chance I was willing to take after reading all the dispute horror stories.  I hope this helps!

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