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Credit Card usage after preapproval

Ok; so I had a question


I was preapproved this week for a mortgage. All the due dilligence was performed, bank statements funrnished, credit reports ran.. everything is good to go.


My DTI ratio is really solid, but there is a slight chance I may have to make a fairly decent purchase on a credit card, which would add about 100 in payments and probably drop my credit score a little (util would go from 6 percent to 50) -- I am trying to avoid it right now, but it MAY be inevitable... I really don't know if it would impact things too much but I have leary, and maybe rightfully so...


At what point is it okay to start using credit again?? Lets say I make an offer this week on a home and send it to underwriting. Do I want to wait til the keys are in hand? Do I wait til they run my credit report again? Will the bank base my payments on what is reporting or will the require recent statments? I didn't have to do that for preapproval (the credit card statements)


What are some of your experiences?

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