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Will cleaning up my credit report be enough?
Currently i had been told i was a 621 median score , and was applying for a usda loan . They told me that the score was acceptable but , there was a few accounts that were past due on the report , paid all those off and transunion deleated my requested items to be deleated , and raised my transunion score to 670 ( according to transunions website) . Still waiting on equafax and experian to delete what i requested , when those results come back will my score raise enough? ( to a 640 middle) so we can get automatic underwritting, because most all the banks we talk to dont wanna mess with a 620 because theres more paperwork and redtape to go through. I was really hoping these actions will help me out , also was told 2 do some kind of opt out deal to raise my score a bit, did that a month ago and have not seen any difference ? Any help or advice would be great ! Thanks !