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Re: Will cleaning up my credit report be enough?

 ok , well we only have a car payment that we pay on , its always on time and never late , we also have another small loan of like 700 bucks that has not been open very long but is reporting in the good .no credit cards at all , the disputed info that transunion removed ( and yes it was completely deleated from transunions report) is one tax lein that was paid and outdated , one bill from cable for like 66 bucks that was , and one phone bill that was paid in full in an accepted settlement , all of these are deleated off the report and were reporting that we were charged off or whatever , I did not know about a "fako" score ? Thanks for your help ! Yes I am very very much in a situation right now with needing to change school districts for my autistic son , our regon only allows us to attend certain schools when we live in that district. we have been renting this house for about a year and a half or more , no late payments ever. Thank you so much for any help you can offer my family and I