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Re: Cash (not check) downpayment gift

jjmtmj126 wrote:

So my dad is going to give us a gift for our downpayment of $3,000, but he's "old school" and wants to just give us cash.  Right now he gets paid cash from his job, and he has set aside $3,000 for us (literally, 30 $100 bills in an envelope for us).  He doesn't want to deposit the cash and give us a check.  So, what options do we have?  I know we have to have a paper trail.  Can he take the cash and get a money order or cashiers check or something?  Or the other option I thought of was giving the cash to someone else to deposit, and then getting a check from them.  


Any ideas?

He needs to deposit that cash and give you a cashiers check... Also they are going to want a paper trail from his bank account to make sure the money is legit.   They do this to combat money laundering

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