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Re: Anyone else buying a New Construction Home? Stories....

I am also buying a new construction house, it should be completed very soon because i have my quality walk scheduled for the 22nd of May and Signing set for the 25th.  I have only expereinced about a two week delay becasue there has been an increase in builidng in my area and the various trades were hard to initially lock down but once they were locked in everything has been on schedule.  My most recent check on the house last friday showed just how close they are, just need fixtures and flooring and cleaning and it will be complete.  I have found that there has been no stress with building a home becasue the builder has kept me in the loop and made sure that i know and understand what is going on. I am almost at the end of my expereince but i can safely state that when i buy another house it will be new construction because of the ease of purchase and professionalism that i have seen duirng my first home buying experience.

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