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Re: Anyone else buying a New Construction Home? Stories....

LOL Thankful, hope it works out for you! I have had to change my "carved in stone" vacation twice. Smiley Frustrated


Our house was supposed to be ready early April, then late April, then mid May, closing now scheduled for June 7th. The builder has been great, though, and I'm not mad. "Stuff" just happens! Too much moisture in subfloor due to rainy weather, one cabinet came in wrong, etc. When I threw a minor hissy fit at the last delay, builder said "Look, do you want us to just slap it together, or do you want it done correctly?"  Okay, deep breaths! I have to say, other than my own impatience, it has been a wonderful experience. Would do it again in a heartbeat. (But I'm never gonna move again...that's a whole 'nother nightmare) Smiley LOL