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Re: Got a GREAT mortgage!!!!

Profit wrote:
My Fico scores at the time of app. was TU 605, EX 607, and EQ 639. They are really not concerned with credit more that your savings and spending habits. They approved another applicant w/ a 525 Credit score, but she had saved $7K. Got $215k mortgage including rehab!
I just attended the 4 hr orientation, and met w/ a counselor a few days later. Because I came to my appointment w/ all the necessary paperwork, I was able to get a decision in a few days. They are really great! They will even pay your mortgage for 6 months if you loose your job, or have any other situation that will prevent you from making your payments.
They are an activist organization, so they are really  fighting to end predatory lending practices and promote neighborhood stabalization. I still can't believe that I got this great deal. I encourage anyone who does not already own property, or who wants to refinance to look into them.

They're also trying to put me out of work.  And I'm one of the honest ones.
From BK to 700 FICOs in 4.5 yrs.