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Re: USDA Direct Loan Process

.... HARD SWALLOW ....  I have to move on 08/15/12.

You guys are making me sooooooooooooooo NERVOUS right now! Smiley Sad

I am in the process of one now... USDA Direct  I am in NY and called my local office (EARLY MAY) , they sent me some pre qualification jargon, and then a letter in the mail.  An application in the mail, and a request for documents.  I returned all the info 5/24/2012, got a letter 05/28/2012 advising me that my documents have been received in Syracuse (where the UW's are).  06/05/2012, I received salary verification at my job.  On 06/07/2012 I received a request for additional documents.  On 06/08/12 I returned all of those documents.  On 06/08/2012 I also received a written verification of employment at my job.  Returned it the same day.  I am signed up for First time homebuyer education class this Saturday 06/16/2012.  I still have yet to receive letter knowing what I am qualified for, and have eyes set on a home in which the seller is motivated and keeps lowering price. BUT its the perfect USDA direct purchase.... the AGONY!


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