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Re: (Hopefully) My Journey to Homeownership

I just went through the whole IBR drama thing too and the best advice I can give on that one is keep a close eye on your accounts with your student loan servicers (if you have more than one and it sounds like you do - I do too).  I'm with ACS and Great Lakes...  Great Lakes has been a total pain and is still reporting my one loan as "in-school" status - thanks to my graduate school reporting that I'm still enrolled - argh!  ACS has been easier to deal with and got all my IBR requests processed within their 7-10 day window.  If you're with Nelnet or one of the others, I couldn't say how quickly they will move but I'm betting that it will be similar timing.


The biggest thing is to be sure that your loans are in a status that allows for IBR - either forebearance or repayment (I believe).  If they are in-school or grace, they won't process the IBR request.  I ended up doing the consolidation to get the majority OUT of grace so I could get the darned IBR payments set up. 


I'm sorry to hear that they're requiring you to include your separated-husband's income.  I'll be crossing my fingers that it all works out for you!

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