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Re: (Hopefully) My Journey to Homeownership

Dropped off the check for the last of my downpayment with the builder and signed a change order for FHA rather than the USDA I had orginally planned.  They said I am next on the list, so hopefully will be breaking ground in the next few weeks. I still have to have my meeting with the builder to go over the final plans, so I'm impatiently waiting for that.


Paid off the mortgage on the marital home.  Feels very strange emotionally. Don't quite know how to describe all of that.  That home was where my children were born. I designed the kitchen addition from the ground up and helped build it. My home office there was perfect.  It's hard to let that go.  I'm still waiting on the quit claim deed that my attorney is drawing up so I can finish getting my name off of it.  I did send over the payoff paperwork and such to the mortgage folks.  She said she would be getting a credit supplement for that for the UW.


STILL wating for the student loan consolidation and IBR thing. I cannot believe how long this is taking.  It's been over 90 days now and is downright ridiculous.  I always get some friendly, perky CSR who tells me it's "in process" and "should only be another 48 hours".  10 days ago. Right.  Very frustrating as it's the other big hurdle I need to clear right now.  I just need the documentation so we can move forward to UW once and for all.

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