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Re: (Hopefully) My Journey to Homeownership

{hates working 3rd shift}


While I was asleep yesterday, the credit company called to say they needed to do a conference call with the former mortgage co. for the credit supplement. Since I missed the call, I will have to wait until Monday for that.  Never done one of those before, so will be a learning experience.


NelNet got 1/3 of my loans consolidated and finally applied IBR to it. Kinda. Sorta.  The amount is wrong and once all 3 loans are inhouse, it will get fixed, but it's the best we can do for now.  They are saying another 30-60 days to finish the consolidation, so basically 6 months from when I initially applied.  RIDICULOUS.  I've emailed the ombudsman to see if they can help at all as it has been a nightmare.  Then, I can't seem to get ACS or Direct Loans to report correctly.  ACS is PIF, and DirectLoans is reporting a $2 balance on a loan that was PIF ages ago, but for some reason showed another $2 owing, so I paid it back in February.  I figure I will die of an ulcer before my student loans are paid off at this rate.Smiley Mad


For kicks, I wrote letters to my former state representatives asking them to follow the IRS example regarding paid tax liens.  Seems unfair to be put in a "debtor's prison" for a 7 year term on a debt that was PIF within a few months of the lien being filed (which was as soon as I learned of it).  We'll see if that does anything.


I'm also considering GWing the old mortgage company as they are the only other real baddie on my CRAs. Now that they are PIF, I'd like them to delete the tradeline altogether (there were extenuating circumstance, including a FEMA event).  I'd love for a pre-closing pull to have an even shinier credit report (and I'm still gunning for a great Lowe's CL!).

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