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Re: (Hopefully) My Journey to Homeownership

jules0580 wrote:
I keep reading about go letters. What exactly is at, is it asking a company as been paid in full that has previous bads to delete? Does this work usually I would love to get that off my report. Can u give me an idea of what u say in them? Any info is greatly appreciated

A good will letter is a request for the OC to do something, whether remove negative notations or the tradeline altogether.  Basically, I just explain what happened at the time so they can see that it was a one-off event and ask nicely for them to forgive me.  I have GWed the mortgage company before, but they insist that they must report accurately (I get it). The thing is they are NOT required to report at all, so hoping for a TL deletion.  Several other companies have removed 30-60 day lates for me via GW letters, so it does work.

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