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Re: I have a 115% mortgage on a 3 Year there hope?
I agree that the situation does not merit bankruptcy.  To be honest, although I have been told on multiple occasions by folks in the finance sector to consider the Big B....I just can't do it.  I don't agree at all with the ethics and morals behind it.  I made the mess, I will clean it up....if that means getting a second job down the line, then that is certainly what I will do....the only reason that I haven't done it so far, is because I have a beautiful wife, and two beautiful kids that I don't want to that is that...but I do appreciate everyones advice.
I think that my plan for now is to hang tight until my next raise (February) which should be about $500/month (net) and then go with the consolidation loan from that I asked about in another thread.  This should boost my score some by eliminating the cc debt, and allow me to refinance if needed, or ASAP.  My ARM isn't up until 2009, so I have some time...I will just have to hope that rates don't skyrocket before then.....
Does this sound like a decent approach?