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Re: Score Watch=No Alerts Email
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Azumi1 wrote:
Is uti only based on open accounts?

Util as seen [by] the Beacon 5.0 FICO version as found on SW includes:

1) All CCs that report a CL of anything other than $0 or none at all.

2) All closed CCs reporting a balance and CL factor into util.

3) Most charged-off CCs reporting are factored into util if they report a balance.

4) HELOCs and LOCs factor into util up to a certain limit (>$20k).

5) Certain NPSL CCs like Amex can factor into some versions of FICO like the TU on here, but not on the EQ here.

6) there are a couple of rare cases on here where a CA was coded in a way as to factor into util.


ETA...7) Util does not include any CC with a dispute comment within their comments and does not include any CC that hadn't updated in months (based on the reported date).


If util is listed, it's always worth the exercise to reverse engineer to make sure your util calcs matches how FICO sees util.