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Re: Score Watch not updating?
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Couple of scenarios:


1) The 742 is a CC-enhanced FICO or even Beacon 9.0,  and the classic Beacon 5.0 as on here didn't hit 700.


2) Your FICO did increase to 742 (congrats BTW), but because your EQ FICO is only monitored every 7-10 days, something like a balance increase or a new TL triggered a score drop bringing you back to 699 or less resulting in no score alert.


3) The 742 happened before your latest 699 alert and your score is really at 699 now.


4) The 742 is still inside the 7-10 days and an alert is forthcoming.


Just throwing out some ideas. Doesn't mean it is so, but these popped in my mind. For best results always set your target score to EXACTLY match your current score. This way if your score drops, you'll get alerted too.