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Re: Score Watch not updating?

llecs wrote:

HiLine wrote:

I officially received an alert today for an inquiry, and my score is the same: 699. So the difference is likely the result of various scoring models? Is the Score Watch score at least consistent with scores used by mortgage lenders?  I guess my Score Watch score is really useless if it completely fails to predict the score used by my potential lenders.

That alert rules out quite a bit. So either your score increased then decreased (not too likely), or a different score version was used by that CC lender. I suspect the latter.


If you applied for a mortgage tomorrow, your EQ from here will match your lender's score. Virtually all mortgage lenders use the Beacon 5.0 EQ FICO, same as on here.

Thanks for that information. Is there any chance Score Watch may offer FICO scores from each scoring model? People have different needs for credit, you know. Not everyone is looking for mortgage.