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Re: ScoreWatch....Really?!

Azumi1 wrote:

So I broke down and bought a power report, the two accounts were on there, unfortunately they didn't have the impact I was expecting. My score went up 1 point, even though one account was over 30 yrs old with a perfect payment history and raised my aaoa to 8 yrs. My score hasn't moved much since I was "rebucketed" last month and lost 20 points for no reason.  I'll be cancelling my subscription in Dec. This just seems too much like a racket to me.

Those type of things are going to happen to your report and/or score whether you have a SW subscription or not. Having a service like SW will actually give you an advantage because you will be on top of whats going on with your report instead of blindly guessing IMO. Smiley Happy

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