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Re: Which score model does TransUnion MyFico use?
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rkb84 wrote:

My TU Fico on here was 655. the 04 they pulled 673.. safe to say that was a wast of $20..

I wouldn't say it's a waste. It's repeated over and over in here that the TU on here won't match a lender's, but how else would you have an idea of where your FICO score is at? You can't pull from sites like CreditKarma or TrueCredit because those aren't even FICO scores. For most folks, if TU98 and TU04 were pulled on the same day, then they'll typically find that their TU04 is within 30 pts, give or take, plus or minus. It's not a firm rule and others experienced greater differences, but it's pretty close when compared to a FAKO. Also, your FICO report will show the top pos/neg items that help or hurt your FICO. Generally, that will match the same 4 negative reason codes that your lender will have on their tri-merge report. Ahead of time you'll at least know how your score is impacted.


Congrats on the 673. Most folks tend to see that in the opposite direction. DW's experience was similar to yours. Her TU04 was 30 points higher. My TU04 was 10 points lower.