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Re: Looking for input on myfico

OP, welcome! I split your post to form a new one here. I had to edit the title, but changed nothing else. If you'd like to change the title, click "Options" and then "Edit Message".


The only product within that charges $19.95 is FICO® Standard. FICO Standard gives you the option to buy either your EQ FICO report and/or your TU FICO report. These reports are a one-time pull only and are viewable for 30 days from purchase. The $19.95 isn't a membership fee; nothing else comes with the reports like monitoring, etc. 


The 30% discount I think comes with a subscription to Score Watch®. I know you get 30% off future EQ FICO reports with SW, but I don't think you get a discount after purchasing FICO Standard, though it would be pretty cool if they did.