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Terrible service, just like any other scam web services.

I hope myFiCO will understand that no one really wants to use the service or recommend it to the friends or family if the cancelation process cannot be done by email or through online process. 


This is what all those scam web services are doing, and I am really disappointed that myFICO require you to actually call the company to cancel the service. They make it hard to cancel the FREE subscription so that they have higher chance of making money from the customer after 7 days.


"You can join the site online, but you MUST call the to cancel" motto is just nonsence. The company will charge you $20 every month without really telling you or notify you except at the time when you join the site, on the bottom of the registration form in tiny font.


If company wants to grow its service, it needs to be professional, not something like nigerian scam service.