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Re: Unable to obtain a FICO Score
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I’m a little bit confused by all this. I originally thought there was only 1 FICO credit score, but it would seem there are three. Experian FICO, Equifax FICO, and Transunion FICO, where FICO represents a proprietary formula for calculating scores, and the credit reporting agencies being the ones that plug values into the formula created by The Fair Issac Corporation to create a FICO score associated with their company. When people talk about FICO credit scores, it's not the FICO Score, but rather a FICO score based upon a dataset supplied by a credit reporting bureau. Is that right?


As for the credit scores that happily charges me $16.95 per month for, it looks like this:




 None of these credit scores say “FICO” I notice.  So I’m guessing none of them are.


Now as far as getting an Experian FICO score, if you have to get it from a bank or credit union, that means there is no way to get, or monitor it without making “hard” inquiries which adversely affect your score right?