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Re: Unable to obtain a FICO Score
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Not trying to confuse things....but there are 40+ FICO scores. Smiley Surprised


The 3 CRAs contracted with FICO to have them create a score just for their own CRA. Therefore, not all 3 are alike; each formula differs. The most popular scoring versions and used my almost all mortgage lenders are the Beacon 5.0 for your EQ FICO, Fair Isaac Risk Score v.2 for your EX FICO, and TransUnion Empirica 04 for your TU FICO. These are called Classic FICO scores. Aside from mortgage lenders, there are some quite a few banks and CUs that use these classic scores for loans, CCs, auto loans, etc. 


Just like with cars, there are different model years for these scores. The Beacon 5.0 for EQ FICO is used by many, many lender and is the same model found on here. But there's a newer version called Beacon 9.0, though thankfully nobody is really using it. The EX FICO used to be available on here at one point before Experian blocked consumer access to your own FICO and that version was used by almost all lenders as well, despite newer versions being available to the lenders to use. Finally, your TU FICO version used by most lenders is not the same TU FICO version used on here. Instead of TransUnion Empirica 04, myFICO offers a 98 version, though there are a small few that still use it. Wal-Mart for example offers a TU FICO if you have their CC. That version is newer (08) but nobody is using it for the most part.


Aside from model years, there are different model flavors that lenders prefer to use. There are bankcard-enhanced FICO scores that weigh your CC experience more. There are auto-enhanced FICO scores that weigh your auto loan experience more, and a couple of others. And with each version there are different years and thet's why there are so many FICO scores. ETA...lenders can pick and choose what FICO version they want to use.


Equifax offers Equifax Complete. This product offers all 3 reports together but they do not offer a FICO. The score they offer is a FAKO called an "Equifax Credit Score". This score is the same across all 3 CRAs but lenders don't use them. IMO, ignore the score and advice. However, the report info is good and you can get a full EQ report anytime you want. It's a good service scores aside.


Right, you cannot buy an EX FICO from anywhere. Experian wanted to compete with FICO due to their investment into VantageScore and figured the best way to accomplish that was to end relations with FICO on the consumer side. As a result, we can't buy our FICO without a lender's help. However, there are some banks and CUs out there that will provide it for you if you ask them. Only a rare few provide this service, but check with an EX-puller near you. PSECU, a PA-based CU, is the most notable of these.