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Re: MyFico Sucks

I've had Score Watch subscriptions in past years, and was always able to cancel them online.  Now it tells me to call.  I think Myfico is abusing its monopoly power by arbitrarily imposing inconveniences on customers knowing they can't switch companies.  I'm wondering why FICO and Myfico haven't been sued for antitrust.  It's not just that one inconvenience, but a lot of things that would make people want to find a better company than Myfico.  Such as telling me the reasons my score went down suddenly are things that happened in the past which did not cause my score to go down when they happened.  And being way too secretive about how the scores are actually calculated and how to predict what changes will cause what score changes.  Pretending to give clues which are actually just generic stuff that doesn't help much in individual cases.  I think Myfico should be required by law to disclose the exact reasons why a particular score went down when it did.  And should be required by law to not renew subscriptions unless authorized by the customer at the time of renewal.  Those laws are needed because Myfico is a monopoly.