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Re: Score Watch Not Reporting Newer Scores

No, I dont get the updates like I am supposed to.  ESPECIALLY for transunion.  I get reports from credit karma before I get reports from here or transunion for that matter.


I did an experiment.


I signed up for the tranunion monitoring service for the trial.
Credit karma would update, then I would have to call tranunion to verify the change.

After verifying the change with Tranunion then they would update, sad that credit karma tells me before TU did.

Those changs NEVER update here.  Myfico customer service said they are supposed update transunion score changes.


I called myfico customer service and they were not willing to admit there was a problem.  I dont want to bash them or anything but they have never solved the problem and I did end up getting into an argument with them.  I will eventually cancel because of that.



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