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Re: MyFico Sucks



I wanted an Equifax score before an app, and looked at pricing, but decided to go with a scorewatch trial instead.  the EQ score didn't show in my cart, but when I checked out I got charged the 19.95 or whatever.  I emailed CS, and they had it refunded within a day.


I got my free scores, and even got timely notifications when PenFed hit me with the inquiry.  On day 8 I canceled, because I knew if I waited for day 10 I had a chance of forgetting.


I look at it this way - Ol' Barry said "I bet you a free score that you'll either like my product enough to pay, or forget to cancel" and I took the bet.  


It was more than fair for you to be charged, and the company went the extra mile to refund you anyway.  The end result?  I am more satisfied with the product/comapny after reading this.

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