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Re: Don't purchase this product

I totally agree with you, it is a scam! I had Score Watch for a year and wanted to cancel, it as my $9.98 a month term was up! So I called customer service to cancel it, they tried to retain me, but at $12.95 a month, no way! It may be the most accurate score, but my TransUnion with CreditKarma has only been + or - 1 point  from MyFICO TU score over the past 7 months and its free! Anyway, I was told my credit card wouldn't be charged, but guess what it was charged $14.95!!! Send two inquiries and was sent the following email:

 Response Via Email (Jennifer)09/13/2011 01:51 PM

Dear G William,

Thank you for contacting Customer Care. We received your request to cancel your Score Watch subscription; however your monthly subscription fee was just charged on 09/11/2011. We do not refund for monthly subscriptions. To give you the maximum value from your subscription, we will cancel your subscription on <DATE>. You will not be charged again. A system generated email confirming the cancellation will be sent to you on that date. 

Thank you,
myFICO Customer Care


I love the cancelation date or lack there of!!! Guess I'll have to contact my Bank card and have this charge as an unauthrozed charge! FICO if you what to keep customers, treat people with respect, if we want to cancel, let us cancel and don't charge our credit cards for something we no longer want! BTW I do have two Score and reports that I have not used!!!

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