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Re: MyFico notifications

No, SW doesn't notify for CL changes. However, absent any credit alerts (e.g. inquiries, new TLs, balance increases, etc.) you could get a score alert within 7-10 days from the date the TL updated on your EQ report -IF- your FICO score moved and it hit or surpassed your target score. Not every change in util will result in a change in score though.


SW alerts for balance increases, and not decreases.


SW monitors for credit alerts daily on EQ (e.g. balance increases, stati changes, inquiries, added accounts, etc...check out the SW Guide found stickied in here somewhere). At the same time of the credit alert it will look for changes to your EQ FICO. So, if your CR changes every single day then you can theoretically receive a new EQ FICO daily. IME, my credit alerts were received within a day or two tops of the action. SW also monitors your EQ FICO for changes if nothing is happening on your EQ report to trigger a credit alert. Your Eq FICO is monitored every 7-10 days and runs off the Target Score as found in your settings. Ideally, always set your target score to EXACTLY match your EQ FICO. That way if the score increases or decreases, you'll get alerted. As you get score or credit alerts, and your score changes, IMMEDIATELY reset your target score for best results.