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Re: MyFico Sucks

mekikya wrote:

wow there are ALOT of myFICO fan boys on this site lol


if you can't look at something objectively and are loyal to it without question, no one can really trust your opinion...


I guess all the people pouring out money want to make sure their purchase is justified in their mind.


I'm amazed none of the myFICO fan boys see the ridiculousness of having to prove your worthiness as a person by a number. and yes as a person, because this affects your life as a person, mortgage, car payments etc...


back when it first started it merely offered a service to businesses, now its grown to such proportions that you can't live life without it, sad really, as people as a whole...I guess we all want a number stamped on our foreheads lol

You're right, it is unreasonable for people to want your credit history before making a loan.  Say, could you please loan me a few hundred bucks?  Don't worry, I'm good for it.  You can trust me.

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