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Re: MyFICO alerts show cards twice

QuantumCredit wrote:

Is this normal? I've gotten alerts from myFICO about 2 of my credit cards's balances increasing and in both cases the alerts showed the card twice. Identical card, name and number but twice. Also, one of the cards is an Amex and the number is completely different than my actual Amex number and it has 17 digits instead of 15. Is this normal too? I am confused. I'm hoping the issue is with myFICO and not the CRs. My Equifax report does show the correct number of cards and only lists each card once. Anyone else have cards reported twice on alerts?

OP, it's not a glitch. SW will alert you to balance increases. By default within your Settings, SW will alert you to balance increases based on $x and will alert you to balance increases based on x%. I think the default is $5 and 5%, though can't remember. So....if both settings are set to "Y" for yes, then each time you have a CC that increases by x% and $x, you'll see two alerts for the same account. You can turn one of the two off if bothersome. Just select "N" for no on one of the two.