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No score alerts--why am i paying for this service again?
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    I'm a little frustrated because yesterday I wasted a free credit report --the one you get when you sign up for score watch, then turns into 30% off for each report after--anyways, i wasted my report because I knew i had positive stuff that should have been giving me alerts because they were already updating on Credit Karma. Why am i paying for a service that doesn't alert me of score changes like it promises.

    I had my settings set at current score and had a couple things change and got no alert, but when i wasted my free report my score showed a 7 point increase and all the new stuff. :smileysad: i love coming onto myfico, as i've learned alot from all of you, I just don't want to be feeling like i'm wasting money, paying the monthly subscription fee when i have to buy a report to make sure things are being updated on my reports correctly --what score watch was suppose to be helping me with.


    Sorry everyone, i'm just needing to vent:smileyembarrassed: I really do like this site, though.  P.S. I forgot to mention, they gave me one alert stating "no score changes on your report" im not sure if i quoted it word for word my apologies, but it said no score change WHEN it did go up 7 points.

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