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Re: No score alerts--why am i paying for this service again?
My UTI went from 5500/7400 74% down to 42/7400 less than 1%. So even if a change in UTI doesn't trigger an alert, wouldn't the increase in balance of my Zync trigger an alert that shows my new score. The balance on my zync increased by $500. I would use one of my free Score Watch reports, but I'd rather not since I just pulled one on Dec 26. I miss Barry, when stuff like this happened he would give a free pull to confirm or deny that there is a problem :smileysad:

My target score is set to my current score, and no new TL have been added. But If i understand what you are saying correctly, the score alert I received the other day contains my current score even though i paid down a tremendous amount of debt 74% -> 1% on open active accounts - that just sounds fishy,

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