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Re: No score alerts--why am i paying for this service again?

I miss Barry too. :smileysad:  This board needs a Barry part deux.


Balance increases do trigger alerts. Are you sure Amex updated to EQ already? IME, my Green used to EQ last (usually, but not always). My bad on your Amex...was thinking that it posted, as being brand new. So, since you received an alert yesterday for the balance increase on Amex, then you know your lastest EQ FICO, even if unchanged. That credit alert for the balance increase would have resulted in an immediate alert to any new score. If the score was still the same in your SW, then either 1) the change in util did not result in a change in EQ FICO, or 2) not all of your CCs updated yet on EQ. IME, I paid util down from 89% to 1% with util at the #1 slot. I didn't see much score movement until it hit below 40%.