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Re: How do you cancel your account before they charge you after the 30days

WebGuy wrote:
This is so deceptive. They say that they will send you an email and they don't. They don't provide an online way to cancel, and they just automatically debit your account $90 after the 30 days. This service is misleading. It will probably take a law suit to get them to straighten out how they deal with the public.

Sorry you weren't satisfied, WebGuy, but a few things need to be made clear for the record....
We send you an email a week prior to the end of the 30 days that reminds you that
you'll be charged unless you choose to cancel via the online link that's provided in the email.
If you didn't receive this reminder it could be that it got caught in your spam filter or some other email malfunction occurred.
If you are charged for whatever reason and you don't want the subscription, a call or email to myFICO Support will get you a refund and cancellation.

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