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Re: Help! Incorrect UT calculation: problem or EQ problem?

twnkltoz wrote:
I ran my EQ on myfico again today because I saw on TC that this a/c is no longer under investigation.  Guess what?  EQ has it as charged off again instead of open (which is good); however....they have it as charged off in 5/07!!!!!  meaning, it looks like a new charge-off.  They're STILL including it in UT, and now they show it as a late payment in the last month to boot!!  They dropped my score ANOTHER 6 points!!!!  I wish i'd never disputed it in the first place and they would have left it alone.
I sent them a hand-written letter last week to verify or delete, so I guess I shouldn't do anything else until the results of that come back?  At least my mid score is still 600 because EX has their act together (relatively so, anyway), but if EQ weren't such idiots my mid would be even higher, maybe even the 620 that would make life so much easier.  
Any advice?  Wait it out, or do another phone/online dispute to get the last reported/charge off date fixed as a short-term solution?

If it is closed there is no impact on your utilization. Your score dropped because of the recent late.. remember though, this does not restart the 7 year clock. Wait out your existing dispute before submitting another.