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I got the Platinum Version Kit
I got this kit so my husband and I can monitor our credit, for we had a credit ran at the beginning of the year and  come to find out there was a judgement on our home that was not even ours.  So a girlfriend of mine got it and i said why not well now the program is only allowing one user to use the program instead of 3 - can someone please help me and also how can i delete my info from the program so it stops asking me to purchase the product.
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FICO Deluxe is just for one person, but three reports fro...
FICO Deluxe is just for one person, but three reports from the three different agencies.
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FICO Kit Reports
While the Suze orman FICO Kit enables up to 3 users, there are a total of only 3 reports that can be ordered without an additonal charge.  So this means that, for example, one person can order all 3, three people can order one each, etc.  Sorry for the confusion.

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